Tips to Clean Gutters in a Stress-Free Manner

Gutter cleaning is inevitable especially when your home is in an area that has plenty of leaves falling. When regular cleaning is not done to remove the debris on the roof, it could lead to water being trapped. This is a danger in the making. You could end up spending more than just paying a gutter cleaner.

Why is Water Trapped in the Gutter an Issue?

It is a huge issue to have water trapped in your gutters and this will always happen if debris build up is not prevented. The trapped water will not only be a risk to the roof, but it damages the gutters significantly leading to rust and eventually breaking away. Besides rusting, water trapped in the gutters lead to ice damming. This is one of the worst things that could happen to your roof. The roof will have issues and you might have to spend more on gutter replacement.

How to Keep the Gutters Clean?

It’s not as hard as it may seem to keep your gutters clean. Although regular cleaning is recommended, you may have to de several other things to keep them clean.

·         Before you start cleaning the gutters, ensure you have the right gear. You do not just go up the ladder empty handed and expect to get the gutters clean. Some of the things you will need are rubber gloves, a ladder, a garbage bag and a scoop. You will put the debris from the gutter into the garbage since it will double work if you decide to throw it to the floor.

·         The very first thing you do when you decide to clean your gutters is place your ladder strategically. Remember than you need stability otherwise you will fall hard on the ground. Place it somewhere with a solid base and ensure that the ladder is sturdy.

·         One you are up the ladder, the first thing you do is to remove the sticks, pests and leaves that have filled up your gutters. If you do not have gutter covers in place, you may have to clean it more regularly. Ensure that you clear the debris completely and as soon as they fall. A scoop meant for this job can be of great help.

The Best Time to Clean the Gutters

It is not advisable to clean your gutters when the weather is extreme. Avoid cleaning them when it’s raining, it’s windy or in the scorching sun. Choose a day when the weather is favorable. This way, you will be able to clean the gutters without issues. Just before it starts raining is the perfect time to clean as this will prevent clogging or ice damming issues.

Cleaning your gutters is a task that takes time and thus you should be well prepared to handle it. Have the right gear in place, do it when the weather is favorable and ensure the ladder is placed on a flat surface. This will prevent you from falling and getting injured.